1975 BMW 3.5 CSL Continuation


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At a Glance
  • Seller
  • schmitthe
  • Location
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Vehicle Make/Model
  • BMW FIA CSL Tribute
  • Chassis No.
  • 2275994
  • Exterior
  • ALPINA Motorsport livery
  • Interior
  • Full race interior
  • Engine
  • 3.5-liter block with S38 cylinder heads
  • Transmission
  • “Dog-leg” 5-speed BMW Motorsport transmission
  • Suspension
  • Adjustable race suspension
  • Brakes
  • 4-Wheel ATE disc brakes

1975 BMW 3.5 CSL Continuation

This purpose-built 1975 BMW CSL race car was built to FIA specifications using an original chassis in white from BMW Motorsport. The chassis originally was purchased by Vasek Polak from BMW Motorsport. It was then sold to Rug Cunningham amid a plethora of other parts and spares. Upon the death of Mr. Cunningham, the spares were sold to Mr. Schmitt along with chassis number 2275988. Soon after purchasing the spares and #988 he sold on #988 to another collector and set about creating the 1975 CSL FIA Tribute racer. The motor was built by Bill Watson at Road Rockets using a 3.5-liter block with a S38 4-valve modern cylinder head and a set of original headers. The engine itself has around 14 hours of running time on the clock and is around half-way through its life cycle. The hours on the chassis are limited to shakedown time only. The engine has a reported 500hp and the total weight of the car is around an impressively light 1800lbs. It is not often that a vintage race car built from a new fresh factory OEM chassis comes up for sale. Especially one of this caliber and specification. This is certainly one of the most attractive qualities of this vehicle to any vintage racing enthusiast. 

The chassis number assigned to this car was given to Mr. Schmitt by former BMW Motorsport technician Rudi Gmeiner. Mr. Gmeiner consulted the original chassis numbers assigned to the CSL race cars in period and discovered a chassis number that had not previously been used by BMW Motorsport. That number is 2275994. By using the Sebring winning car #987 as a reference, Mr. Schmitt and his build team were able to faithfully create a car that will easily qualify for most all vintage racing events. This turnkey vintage racing entry is truly one of a kind. A new/unused chassis platform with a professional build and all of the documentation to go along with it is certainly a rare find not to be passed up. 


Dressed in ALPINA Motorsport livery, this purpose-built race car cuts a striking figure. Having not yet been raced the exterior of this car is in excellent condition. The wide body and other features that contribute to the well-known “Batmobile” nickname of these formidable racers is never more apparent than when looking at #994. 


With a Sparco racing wheel and OMP racing seat this interior is exactly what you would expect from a purpose-built race car. With instrumentation and accessories all placed for ease of use and access to the driver as they are in chassis #987. Mr. Schmitt has also added a cool suit system in order to make racing in the heat more comfortable. 

Engine and Drive Train

The engine and drive train has been built using chassis number #987 as the ultimate reference. The engine is a 3.5-liter that uses modern S38 four-valve heads build by Bill Watson at Road Rockets. The Kugelfischer, mechanical fuel injection has been race modified. The chassis used was originally purchased from BMW Motorsport by Vasek Polak. It was then sold to Rug Cunningham whose estate sold it to Mr. Schmitt. Having a fresh, unused Motorsport platform to create this one-of-a-kind vintage racer makes this build truly one of a kind.  


The underside of the car shows a new, as yet unused race car. With a new BMW Motorsport platform and a chassis and suspension that was professionally built and prepared, the underside of the car is a study in race engineering. The set up has shake down time only on the componentry. 

Documentation and Spares

Build pictures and receipts to accompany the sale of chassis #2275994. Please note, this vehicle is sold on Bill of Sale only. 


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1975 BMW 3.5 CSL Continuation


Processing Final Bids...
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1975 BMW 3.5 CSL Continuation