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At a Glance
  • Seller
  • schmitthe
  • Location
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Vehicle Make/Model
  • BMW Z1 Alpina
  • Vin No.
  • WAPRLE0000C260028
  • Exterior
  • Red
  • Interior
  • Camouflage lined and grey leather
  • Mileage
  • 34,908 kilometers
  • Engine
  • 2,651cc SOHC Inline 6-Cylinder Engine
  • Transmission
  • 5-Speed manual transmission
  • Power
  • 200 bhp
  • Suspension
  • 4-wheel independent suspension
  • Brakes
  • 4-wheel disc brakes


At the start of 1985, BMW set forth a division to develop new concept vehicles and vehicle technologies. The first of these concept vehicles, a road-going prototype named Z1, a design study revealed by BMW in 1986, was presented officially to the public as a production vehicle at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the summer of 1987. Coming out of the 1980s with an abundance of cash holdings, BMW endowed the Z1 project with what was then the most technically advanced automotive technologies to date. 

The Z1 demonstrated a construction method referred to colloquially as an, internal skeleton, a skeletal frame on which the body panels were mounted. Rather than aluminum, molded plastic panels clothed the galvanized steel chassis and were themselves braced by a molded composite under-tray. The resulting chassis proved to be stiff. The panels, of a General Electric design, were surprisingly easy to remove and it was suggested to owners that they may wish to purchase a second set of body panels in an alternative color. The most iconic technology of the Z1 is its electrically operated doors which drop vertically into the body side panels for access. 

ALPINA’s relationship with BMW began as early as 1965. By the mid-1980s, ALPINA had developed numerous motoring firsts and had earned multiple victories in DTM. Their conversions of BMW cars frequently involved extensive bodywork alterations in the pursuit of increased aerodynamic downforce. So effective was BMW’s original design of the Z1 that when it came to producing this special edition, ALPINA’s previous process of what would otherwise be bolt-on additions, were deemed unnecessary. The attention went to giving the Z1 an increase in power more fitting to an exclusive sports car. ALPINA exchanged the 2.5-liter motor, a powertrain largely inherited from the then 3 Series, with a more substantiated 2.7-liter from their B3 BMW ALPINA sedan. Power increased from 170bhp to a guaranteed 200bhp! Shorter springs were installed in the front and 17-inch wheels on wide tires went all around.

The ordinary Z1 was far from ordinary, but the ALPINA Z1 was evermore exclusive. Production was limited to just 66 cars of which, half went to Japan while the balance remained in Europe. This Z1 is vehicle 28 of the 66 total cars. It is one of the 33 aforementioned cars which were sent to Japan. By 2014, car no. 28 arrived in the United States via San Francisco and has remained in the West Coast since then. Today the car displays a low 34,900 kms and sports an impressive history file. The most current invoice, dated October of this year, reflects a timing belt service, brake service as well as a routine maintenance. 

An expensive car when new and complete with perhaps the modern equivalent of Gullwing doors, the ALPINA Z1’s distinctive looks and growing popularity will ensure continued demand for this modern classic. This ALPINA Z1, car 28, is a car whose only story is one of accomplishment. The iconic ALPINA gold striping runs the length of the profile and glows in startling contrast to its red paint. Its camouflage lined and grey leather interior is sure to elicit attention by motoring, design and fashion enthusiasts alike. Included with the sale are this vehicle’s import documents, books, manuals, receipts and a 35mm film print of the car c.1992. 


The design of the Z1 ALPINA RLE leaves no doubt as to why it has become a modern classic. With its unique look and modern design, it is sure to only increase in popularity as the years go by. The exterior body panels are in excellent condition. The original fenders were replaced in Munich in 2013 with OEM parts from BMW. The gold pinstriping is quite striking against the bright red paint. The fit and finish of the panels and exterior components is as new and everything appears in excellent condition, as is the convertible top. 


The striking, original camouflage and grey leather interior has been expertly maintained and shows only minor signs of use. By using unique patterns and design elements, ALPINA was successful in creating a car that was an almost instant classic. All of the interior accessories and gauges function properly and are in good original condition with bulbs in the instrument cluster being replaced in 2020. The carpet and door panels all appear almost as new. 

Engine and Drivetrain

The original 2.7- Liter engine had a complete service, including fluids and a timing belt replacement in 2020. The coolant was flushed and replaced, and the brakes were serviced at the same time. All of the original stickers and body plates are original and intact. The engine and drivetrain in this car have been expertly maintained.

Trunk and Storage Compartment

As with the rest of this low mileage vehicle, the trunk appears in new if not unused condition. The spare tire in the trunk is included.

Documentation and Spares

The original Owner’s Manual, as well as a file containing import documentation, service records and other information compiled by the current owner will be included with the sale. 

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Henry Schmitt Collection

Processing Final Bids...
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