2011 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Grand-AM Race Car

Marsh Racing and Whelen Motorsports

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At a Glance
  • Seller
  • MarshRacing
  • Location
  • Old Lyme, CT
  • Chassis No.
  • MR0053-007
  • Exterior
  • Red/White Whelen Motorsports Livery
  • Interior
  • Grey
  • Mileage
  • 0 hours on current engine
  • Engine
  • 6.2-liter LS 3 V8
  • Engine No.
  • MLS3-1
  • Transaxle
  • 6-Speed sequential transaxle by EMCO
  • Suspension
  • Front and rear double A arm suspension
  • Brakes
  • 4-wheel Brembo race brakes with 14-inch ventilated rotors

2011 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Grand-AM Race Car

The Chevrolet Corvette made its racing debut in 1956 with five factory Corvettes competing in the legendary Sebring 12 Hour race. 1960 would see the first time a Corvette raced at the 24 Hours of Le Mans with Briggs Cunningham entering three Corvettes. The exposure this race provided marked the Corvette’s transition to a truly international icon and ensured its status as America’s sports car. The Corvette racing team program began in 1999 and ushered in the modern era of Corvette competition. A partnership between Chevrolet and Pratt & Miller Engineering, the program builds the race cars and operates them for Chevy Racing. 

The Marsh Racing team built this 2011 Corvette C6 racer on a steel Corvette purchased from GM. The chassis, which was built at the Bowling Green, Kentucky plant was given the internal factory number of 007.  The Marsh team liked the 007 moniker, so the number stuck. The car was built to meet the Grand Am series specifications. As with any race car, weight was a significant factor in the build. The team spent countless hours making sure all of the components were as light as possible in order to keep the final weight of the racer as low as possible. This car, being the fourth racing Corvette the team had built, was a full 150 pound lighter than the previous builds. When complete the build weighed 2,450 pounds which gave them team 50 pounds with which to add weight where they wanted it in order to meet the 2,500-pound regulation weight. The carbon fiber body was made by ACS Composite in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, an OEM composite manufacturer specializing in resin transfer molding. 

The team, knowing they wanted to compete not only in sprint races and six-hour events, but also in events such as the Rolex 24 Hour race at Daytona, knew they would need to build their components accordingly. The team contacted EMCO gears, who they were already using to build their gear boxes and commissioned them to build a transaxle assembly similar to the Daytona Prototypes. They produced the entire transaxle assembly and a pair of axles that would prove bullet proof during its racing career. 

Raced primarily by the drivers Eric Curran and Boris Said, the car had a very successful three year run. Two other notable drivers were there for wins. John Heinricy was a co-driver in the 2011 GT Class win at Road America and Lawson Aschenbach was a co-driver in the final GT Class race win at Lime Rock in 2013. 

This purpose built 2011 Corvette C6 race car sports it’s as last raced Whelen Engineering livery. Whelen Engineering itself has a long history in motorsports, as well as aerosports and provides the official warning lights used in NASCAR racing. After the end of its racing career in 2013, the Marsh Racing team completely restored the car and rebuilt or replaced all of the necessary components. The 6.2-liter LS 3 Chevrolet V8 engine currently installed was built by Hutter Racing and is backed by a 6-speed sequential transaxle built by EMCO. The car has a double A arm front and rear suspension and 4-wheel Brembo racing brakes with 14-inch rotors. With an already impressive race history and a large set of spares included, the Marsh Racing team has gone to great lengths to ensure this purpose-built racer is ready for its next adventure. 


The exterior of the car has been fully restored to its as last raced condition. It sports the Red and White Whelen Engineering livery and other decals. The Team Fox decal on the back of the car represents the Michael J. Fox Foundation of which George “Sonny” Whelen is a member of the board. The foundation raises money for the fight against Parkinson’s disease. The carbon fiber body is in excellent condition, as are the wheels and other components.


The interior of this car is purpose built for nothing other than racing. The fully caged interior has all of the safety equipment and appointments of a modern race car. A custom fitted Joie of Seating racing seat and harnesses, a fire suppression system round out this racing cockpit. The controls are labeled for ease of use and a full run down of the systems will be supplied by the current owner. The cockpit has been completely refreshed and is in ready to race condition. Please note, as with any race car, you will need to replace the five-point harnesses and other safety equipment on a regular basis in order to pass a race track technical inspection.  

Engine and Drivetrain

The current engine is a freshly built 6.2-liter LS 3 V8 built by Hutter Racing. There is shake down time only on the engine and zero racing time. The 6-speed sequential transaxle was built by EMCO specifically to withstand not only sprint racing, but also endurance racing. EMCO also supplied the mating axles. All of the components were restored as needed after the end of the 2013 racing season and are in ready to race condition.


The underside of the car sports various belly pans to protect the components. The suspension is a double A arm in the front and rear of the car. All four wheels sport 14” Brembo racing rotors with brake cooling ducts running to each wheel. The chassis along with the rest of the components was restored to as last raced condition.  


Video links of the Marsh Motorsports built Whelen sponsored C6 Corvette can be found below:

#31 Corvette Chassis Dyno


On-board video of Eric Curan behind the wheel of #31 at the start of the 51st Annual Rolex 24 at Daytona International Speedway. 


On-board video of Eric Curan behind the wheel of #31 at New Jersey Motorsports Park. 



This C6 Corvette is currently available for viewing at Marsh Racing in Old Lyme, CT. Interested parties must arrange a viewing appointment through the “Schedule a Viewing” button on the listing. 

Spare Parts Included with Purchase

  • Complete spare set of upper and lower control arms for both front and rear
  • Pair of uprights for front or rear (Front and rear are the same)
  • Complete set of upper and lower ball joints, front and rear
  • Tie rods and ends (Heim Joints), front and rear
  • Hubs with studs
  • Brake pads, caliper spares, flex lines
  • Spare front cradle with sway bar mounts
  • Sway bar blades, various thicknesses
  • Spare radiator, with oil cooler
  • Body parts, fenders, windshield etc
  • Spare transmission components, gears and other parts
  • Two complete sets of wheels and a set of rain tires mounted


Race History

Inaugural Indy Grand Prix of Alabama BarberWhelen / Curran
Bosch Engineering 250 at VIRCurran/Whelen
Memorial Day Classic LimerockCurran/Davis
Sahlen’s Six Hours of The GlenWilden/Curran/Davis
EMCO Gears Classic at Mid-OhioCurran
Brumos Porsche 250 DaytonaCurran/Said
New Jersey Motorsports Park 250 Said/Curran
Nascar Kicks Esses! Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at The GlenSaid/Curran
Montreal 200Said/Curran
Utah 250Said/Curran
Grand Prix of Miami HomesteadSaid/Curran
Porsche 250 BarberSaid
Bosch Engineering 250 at VIRSaid/Curran
Memorial Day Classic LimerockSaid/Curran
Sahlen’s Six Hours of The GlenSaid/Curran
Rolex Sports Car Series 250 Road AmericaCurran/Heinricy
Continental Tire Sports Car Festival Laguna SecaSaid/Curran
American Red Cross 250 New JerseySaid/Curran
Canadian Tire 200 at The GlenSaid/Logano
Montreal 200Said/Kelly
EMCO Gears Classic Mid-OhioSaid/Curran
Grand Prix of Miami HomesteadSaid/Curran
Global Barter 250 New JerseySaid/Curran
Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand PrixSaid/Curran
EMCO Gears Classic Mid-OhioSaid/Curran
Rolex Sports Car Series 250 Road AmericaCurran/Heinricy
Sahlen’s Six Hours of The GlenSaid/Curran/Aschenbach
Brickyard Grand PrixSaid/Curran
Nascar at The GlenSaid/Curran
Montreal 200 Said/Curran
Continental Tire Sports Car Festival Laguna SecaSaid/Curran
The Daily Rev Championship at LimerockSaid/Curran
Rolex 24 at DaytonaCurran/Davis/Aschenbach/Said
Grand Am of The Americas Said/Curran
Porsche 250 BarberCurran/Said
Visual Studio Ultimate Grand Prix of AtlantaSaid/Curran
Chevrolet Grand Am Detroit 200Curran/Said
Diamond Cellar Classic Mid-OhioSaid/Curran
Sahlen’s Six Hours of The GlenSaid/Curran
Brickyard Grand Prix IndianapolisSaid/Curran
Road Case Showcase Road AmericaSaid/Curran
SFP Grand Prix KansasSaid/Curran
Continental Tire Sports Car Festival Laguna SecaSaid/Curran
Championship Weekend Lime RockCurran/Aschenbach/Said

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2011 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Grand-AM Race Car

Marsh Racing and Whelen Motorsports

Auction End Date
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2011 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Grand-AM Race Car