Two Owner 1995 BMW 850 CSi

Henry Schmitt Collection

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At a Glance
  • Seller
  • schmitthe
  • Location
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Vin No.
  • WBSEG91080CC02079
  • Exterior
  • Hellrot, Bright Red
  • Interior
  • Black Napa Leather
  • Mileage
  • 60,403 kilometers
  • Engine
  • 5,576cc SOHC V12 Engine
  • Transaxle
  • 6-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Suspension
  • 4-Wheel Independent Suspension
  • Brakes
  • 4-Wheel Disc Brakes with Automatic Stability Control plus Traction

Two Owner 1995 BMW 850 CSi 

With the deletion of the 6 series, a car which towards the end of its life had only gotten better, BMW needed a successor model. The Motorsport division developed a flagship car with advanced technology. Just before the turning of the decade, the first of these multi-cylinder sports coupes arrived. A sleek, understated body design which challenged the best from Germany at the time, would cloak a 5.0-liter V12 in what became the latest flagship: the BMW 8 Series.  

The new coupe arrived in 1989 packaged as the 850Ci. The division in charge of development on the Z1, ensured that much of the latest technologies were present in this flagship car. The suspension featured computerized monitoring, adjustable dampers, and a multi-link rear axle. It took the title as one of the first vehicles to be fitted with an electric drive-by-wire throttle. The body itself became a technological leader in safety. The designers concerned themselves with creating a rigid passenger cell and provision crumple zones, the first of their kind. The 8 Series offers the first V12 engine mated to a 6-Speed manual transmission on a road car. With stupendous performance, 60 from a standstill could be found in around 6 seconds and the car could continue to a maximum speed of 155mph. An interesting feature of this speedy coupe, at 100mph the windows and sunroof automatically close. All in all, the quality of these cars could be categorized as nothing short of exemplary.  

The range extended to include a CSi model in 1992. In E9 form, “CSi” would classically go on to suggest, “power-by-injection” but in the case of the 8 series, it meant M-powered. The CSi saw a 5.6-liter S70 V12 motor and Bosch Motronic 1.7 fuel injection system taking the place of the earlier 5.0-liter V12 and 4.4-liter V8. In this iteration, Road & Track recorded a 0-60 time of sub-6 seconds. The example offered here, CC02079, is an end-of-run European Specification model, one of only 230 cars in the series. Until very recently, CC02079, has been a single owner car from Sweden. Now, a 25-year youngtimer, this 850 has crossed into North America and is offered on MSO and original Import documents. 

Today the bright red coupe has 60K kms on the dial, the equivalent of 37K miles. Included in its file is an unbroken chain of maintenance record completed by the previous owner. A Swedish Körjournal, a handwritten logbook, tracking each and every kilometer traveled was completed by the original owner. The warranty booklet documents the car back and forth between Stockholm and Halmstad, a cross-country journey of 500km, surely an endeavor only the best of touring cars can accomplish in such comfort with such power. Additionally, included with the car are two standard keys, a spare and valet key. This European spec 850 still maintains the European alarm system from new.  

Although a now 30-year design, the 8 series stands as a venerable youngtimer in the late-analog arena. Classically proportioned and essentially timeless, the 8 series is a car that looks futuristic in a modern time. Lukewarm reception when new has ensured the 8 Series’ status as a brilliant classic GT. Overzealous enjoyment over the years has accounted for inevitable wastage and today, very few good 8 Series are left.  


The original Hellrot, Bright Red exterior of this 850 only serves to highlight the striking design and smooth lines of this powerful coupe. In the modern age of automotive design, it is rare to find styling that has aged as well as it has on this 1995 850 CSi. The previous owner maintained the car meticulously throughout the 60,000 kilometers, 37,500 miles he drove the car. There are no obvious flaws in the paint, which appears in excellent original condition. The wheels with their original “M” livery add a nice bit of performance flare to the understated elegance of the 850’s design. Unlike the US specification 850 CSi, the European spec models have smoked front turn signal lenses and M aerodynamic rear-view mirrors. 


The Napa black leather interior has been expertly maintained. The rear seats do not to appear to have seen much use, while the front shows just enough patina to let you know the car has been driven and enjoyed. The dash and all components are in proper working order. The odometer shows mileage of 60,403 kilometers or roughly 37,500 miles.  

Engine and Drive Train 

All of the maintenance completed on this two owner 850 CSi has been documented. A logbook was completed by the previous owner including nearly every kilometer the car travelled. The original owner’s manuals have multiple service stamps and records of service. It is apparent when looking in the engine bay that the car has always been expertly maintained, as all the components appear in almost new, original condition.  

 The European spec 850 CSi benefitted from a multitude of additions not found on the US specification model including, an engine oil cooler, differential oil cooler, Active Rear-Axle Kinematics (AHK), upgraded 13.6-inch front brake rotors and all rotors with “floating” design. This particular example also boasts the Automatic Stability Control plus Traction feature and rear wheel steering.

 After arriving in the US, the 850 benefitted from a completed service including a new clutch, flywheel and rear main seal and housing. The radiator was replaced along with the rear engine coolant cover and the coolant was flushed and replaced. Two new batteries were installed and the car was submitted to a safety check including a check of all the fluids.  

Trunk and Storage Compartment 

The trunk shows little to no signs of use. The original six-disc CD changer, which is accessed through the trunk, is in excellent working order. The fuel filler release, also accessible through the trunk, also appears as new.   

 Documentation and Spares 

A complete logbook of the kilometers traveled by the previous owner makes a unique addition to this original two owner 1995 850 CSi. The original Owner’s Manuals, Warranty Booklet with service stamps, two standard keys, a spare and valet key are also included. As well as a complete record of the service performed on the car by the previous and current owner. 

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Two Owner 1995 BMW 850 CSi

Henry Schmitt Collection

Auction End Date
Number of Bids
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Two Owner 1995 BMW 850 CSi